“Bali Spiritual Healing provides a thorough approach to tune in physical, emotional and spiritual transitions. These will allow an organic healing process to naturally unfold. Together with Jero Mangku Geni, Bali Spiritual healing hopes to create a unique, enchanting healing experience. Embarks in a traditional Balinese healing journey like no others, done by Balinese genuine spiritual experts with advanced understanding of how the mind, body and spirit intertwines and work together to bring harmony to one’s being.”

Ayas Bali Spiritual Healing

Devi (Head of Marketing)

Devi, Head of Marketing, brings with her over a decade of experience in the tourism industry, honing her skills in marketing and management. Her passion for the field is evident in her drive to spread awareness of authentic Bali life through her work with Bali Spiritual Healing.

Bali Spiritual Healing is an organization dedicated to showcasing the rich culture and tradition of the Balinese people through spiritual activities, rituals, and ceremonies. Devi works in close collaboration with Balinese healers, master of energies, and priests to ensure authenticity in each experience.

As a Balinese girl and daughter of Jero Mangku Geni, the Master Healer at Bali Spiritual Healing, Devi has a deep appreciation for human psychology and its connection to spirituality and energy. She brings this unique perspective to her work, combining her marketing expertise with her passion for the spiritual aspects of Balinese life.

Working alongside her brothers, Devi is dedicated to making Bali Spiritual Healing a success, showcasing the beauty and depth of Balinese culture to the world.

Deva (Head of Management)

Meet Deva, Head of Management at Bali Spiritual Healing. Deva is a proud father of two daughters and the second child of Jero Mangku Geni, the Master Healer at Bali Spiritual Healing. He is deeply committed to his role as a father and wants to be the best role model for his children. Deva’s passion for spirituality has led him to embrace his Balinese culture and tradition, and he is working to become a healer himself.

At Bali Spiritual Healing, Deva is dedicated to creating a welcoming and supportive environment where people from all over the world can experience the warmth of Balinese culture and tradition. He is committed to preserving the essential elements of Balinese life in the modern world and helping the Balinese community thrive both at home and abroad. Whether through charity and community work or through his role at Bali Spiritual Healing, Deva is driven by his desire to help others and make a positive impact on the world.

Dipa (Head of Operations)

Dipa, Head of Operations at Bali Spiritual Healing, is a young and energetic individual with a passion for exploring the spiritual world. As the youngest child of Jero Mangku, the Master Healer at Bali Spiritual Healing, Dipa is dedicated to supporting his siblings’ vision and mission to provide a supportive community for Balinese people to express and grow.

Despite his young age, Dipa brings a wealth of skills to the team. He is fluent in English and known for his friendly and approachable nature, which helps clients feel at ease. Dipa is also responsible for overseeing the daily operations of Bali Spiritual Healing and ensuring a smooth and efficient workflow. He is constantly seeking to challenge himself and grow, making him a valuable asset to the team.


Reva – Staff Leader & Reservation

Always at the ready to answer any questions and make your Bali Spiritual Healing experience seamless. He was the first member to join our renewed journey and is here to make sure you have the trip of a lifetime.

Adiftya – Marketing & Media

Our in-house content creator, photographer, and videographer. He’ll be capturing all of your special moments and creating memories to last a lifetime. Whether it’s a picture during your spiritual session or a video to share with your friends, Adiftya will make sure to showcase the beauty of your trip.

Surya – IT & Development

Who is always working to improve our website and make your booking experience as easy as possible. He joined our team in 2022 and brings a fresh perspective to our online presence.

Bagus – Social Media & Editor

Who turns ordinary videos and photos into cinematic masterpieces. He’s the mastermind behind all of our social media and YouTube content, and his passion for capturing stunning landscapes will leave you in awe.

Ketut Pagi – Assistant Operational

Ketut Pagi – Our operational ace, who leads a team of villagers and ensures your spiritual trip is safe and enjoyable. He’s been with Bali Spiritual Healing since 2018 and his friendly personality will make you feel right at home.

Wayan Linda – Assistant Operational

Wayan Linda – Our gentle helper, who is always available to assist with any activities you’ve booked. He joined our team after finding spiritual healing with Jero Mangku Geni and wants to share his newfound wisdom and love with others. Experience his genuine spirit during your temple visit.

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