Tired of surface-level ‘spiritual experiences’?

Step into ‘Genuine Rituals for Genuine Renewal’—a sanctuary for your soul. It’s more than a purification ceremony; it’s the first chapter in the book of your new life. Real transformation awaits you, led by a true Balinese Priest and set in locations steeped in spiritual significance.

You bring your willingness; we’ll bring the sacred chants, rings the sacred bell, & age-old purification rituals.

Let’s break the cycle, shall we?

In Hindu-Balinese tradition & religion,

energy cleansing is an essential practice for maintaining physical, mental, and spiritual health. The human body is surrounded by a subtle energy field, known as the “aura”.

For those who seek a tangible touch of the divine, we incorporate offerings in the form of organic elements such as rice, fruits, and flowers, channeling the Universe’s natural energies coding to harmonize your spirit.

Over time, your spiritual aura can become congested or imbalanced, leading to various problems in both your physical and emotional well-being. That’s where our unique approach to sacred purification steps in.

Holy water is just the beginning; it serves as a potent medium to cleanse and restore balance to your aura, especially when used in conjunction with sacred chanting and fragranced flowers. But we go beyond the liquid element. We also offer purification through fire rituals, designed to ignite your inner strength and burn away impurities.

The importance of this practice cannot be overstated. Through these various methods, we guide you along a path to holistic well-being and cosmic harmony, ensuring a complete spiritual rejuvenation that touches every aspect of your life.

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Highlights of Our Offerings

With a range of ceremonies available, you’re encouraged to explore different paths to spiritual fulfillment, each unique yet rooted in the same ancient Balinese tradition.

Elevating Sacred Practice

Our Unique Approach

The Road to Self-Discovery

Each Melukat ceremony is a doorway into understanding yourself better, revealing layers you didn’t know existed.

Solar & Lunar Alignment

Our rituals are meticulously timed to align with universe force, cardinal directions, the 5 essential elements in you, and Balinese Sacred Astrology. Infusing your experience with cosmic and elemental alignment.

Authentic Ritual

Our rituals are conducted based on the truest, step-by-step procedures to maximize the purity of the ritual and its benefits.

A Keepsake of Spiritual Wisdom

Every ceremony comes with takeaway reflections or materials, allowing the experience to resonate long after the ritual is over.

Informed Spiritual Growth

Our Balinese Priest enlightens you on the significance of each ritual, ensuring you’re not just following a trend but deeply understanding the benefits of purification.

Personal Reflection Time

Each Melukat session offers time for meditation and personal reflections, allowing you to deeply connect with your inner self.

Agnihotra Fire Ceremony
House Energy Cleansing
Complete Ritual in A Day

Enter The Next Level Realm

The Same Sun Sets Everywhere; See it Differently Here.

Sunsets, an everyday miracle, yet each one is a unique blend of color, horizon, and perspective. Here, we invite you to see that familiar descent through a new lens—amidst temple silhouettes, beneath sacred canopies, or through the eyes of local wisdom. It’s the same old sun but in its ever-changing glow, you might just catch a fresh reflection of yourself.

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