“Trusted locally and globally, our sanctuary stands as a pillar of authentic Balinese spiritual practice. We are committed to offering the most genuine experiences in Energy Readings, Therapy, and guiding individuals through Chakra and Kundalini Awakening. Specializing in deep Karma Cleansing and traditional sacred ceremonies, our dedication has enlightened over 200 souls to the profound energy practices of Bali.”


Jalan Raya Kapal, No. 84 Mengwi – Badung, Bali, Indonesia


Mind & Body Practice with Origins in Bali Philosophy


One-on-one Tailored Session

To Bali’s Sacred Temples

Renewal Cleansing

Self-Care’s Wheel, Community’s Heal

BALI Healing Retreat
ONLINE Healer Course

This is a call to uncover the supreme knowledge of energy with ancient Ganapati Meditation, a practice that guides you to the essence of your being and mastery of inner energies. Awaken not just the power within you, but extend healing beyond yourself.

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Voices of Transformation

These are the authentic stories of renewal, as shared by our guests, reflecting their personal transformations and spiritual awakenings in the heart of Bali.

This is the best experience I had in Bali. I was looking for a real traditional healer and this was exactly what I was looking for! Jro Mangku Geni humbly welcomed me to his house with his adorable daughter and wife. The talk we had was really awakening to me. I still carry with me each day the teachings he gave me this day. I still go see the sunset everyday as he told me to. They were all so kind to me. I loved every second of this meet ! The healing felt like a death and rebirth at the same time. This trip has been painful to me but he gave me the strength to move forward and to the end. Life wouldn’t be beautiful if you couldn’t meet souls that can heal you as deeply as he did. Thank you so so so much, I still feel grateful for this moment today. 💗


Jro Mangku Geni is like a father to me and a lot of other people who come to him. His hear, energy and wisdom helps a lot to solve situations, to learn new things, to heal the wounds. Suksema dear Master 🤗🙌🏼❤❤❤


There are plenty of priests, Ketuts, “life coaches” and other people with some imaginary “positions”, but there is just the only one truly authentic Mangku. We met by accident, and from the first moment it feels like we know each other forever. His wisdom, kindness and such a huge heart are limitless. My gratefulness has no end to the world for such a priceless meeting.It’s hard to describe what and how he is doing, you just need to come and meet him on your own.


I had the most amazing water purification and healing session with Mangku. It’s hard to put in words the feeling of warmth, kindness and acceptance you get from visiting him and his family. I will forever cherish the water purification ceremony and hope to visit Mangku soon again!Thank you🙏


I am so grateful and humbled to be guided by my amazing teacher Jro Mangku. It has been the biggest blessing and so deeply transformative, I feel like I’m finally on the right path, and excited to keep learning and spread his teachings as I go as well! Matur suksema with deep love and respect ☺️🙏🏽


Jero Mangku Geni was amazing! He has this calm, sacred energy and divine presence. I could not stop smiling when I was with him in this session. He confirmed things for me which I knew already and he also helped to have insight of some other things also. Highly recommend him to anyone. I will be in touch again when I return to Bali in the future.


A gifted person who helped me and my wife to become more united. Totally recommend him! Hard to find words and to rate this experience!
But I can say that without exaggeration this is life changing- meeting with this special person Mangku Geni!
I am so thankful to him, his family and universe!


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