Experience the transformative power of Agnihotra—a sacred ritual where simplicity meets divinity. Let the flames of offering illuminate your spiritual journey, bringing forth blessings and harmony. In every ritual, simplicity becomes a gateway to profound serenity.

Agnihotra simply means a ‘sacrificial fire’. This is the ritual in which ghee and grains, and flowers, are offered into a small fire, usually in a pot or special container, while the priest chants various mantras for petitioning the presence and mercy of God.

Experience the enchanting realm of our Agnihotra services, meticulously designed to elevate your spiritual journey. From the exclusive and intimate Agnihotra Private sessions to the sacred union celebrated in Agnihotra Couple Ceremony and the collective energy of Agnihotra Group, immerse yourself in the transformative power of these ancient rituals.

In Agnihotra Private, let the sacred fire create a personalized sanctuary for your spiritual growth. Join hands with your beloved in Agnihotra Couple Ceremony, where the flames of devotion intertwine. Connect with like-minded individuals in Agnihotra Group and experience the collective energy of spiritual elevation.

Our services, guided by the esteemed Jero Mangku Geni, a true Master of Energy, promise a myriad of benefits. Embark on a journey towards prosperity, heightened spirituality, and inner peace. Witness the dance of flames and feel the profound spiritual connection tailored just for you.

Embark on a transformative journey starting with purification, where participants are ritually cleansed using sacred Tirta water before entering the ceremonial process. Guided by the esteemed Jero Mangku Geni, the heart of our ceremony, Agnihotra unfolds as a sacred ritual. Following the Agnihotra ceremony, indulge in a meditation session to enhance and perfect the energy cultivated. As the final touch, experience the profound blessings as charcoals, once used in Agnihotra, are gently applied to channel the potent energy. Elevate your spiritual experience with these harmonious steps, embracing purification, ceremony, meditation, and the receiving of blessings.

Jero Mangku Geni, the Master of Energy, poised to lead this transformative Agnihotra ceremony. Under his guidance, the ritual unfolds with a powerful surge of blessings, enhancing the sacred experience. Let the charismatic presence of Jero Mangku Geni amplify the taksu, creating an enchanting ambiance throughout the ceremony.

but the depths of your soul, casting away shadows and ushering in a radiant transformation. In the embers, discover the dance of spiritual resonance, and let each flicker be a captivating chapter in the symphony of your spiritual journey


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If you are interested in experiencing the power of Agnihotra for yourself, consider attending a ceremony led by a skilled Balinese priest and Master of Energies, Jero Mangku Geni. You may be surprised by the positive effects it can have on your mind, body, and spirit.

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