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Balinese live equally in two worlds: the seen or conscious world called Sekala and the unseen or psychic world, called Niskala. In traditional Balinese healing, both of these elements are addressed in order to truly heal an ill patient. Traditional spiritual healers such as Jero Mangku Geni play an important part in Balinese culture and help the patient restore balance in both worlds, even in this modern era of advanced technology.

Born with exceptional talent and spiritual awareness, Jero Mangku Geni dedicated his last 10 years as Balinese priest. A warm and assertive man, he has deep knowledge about Balinese Hindu spirituality. He is able to explain difficult philosophical questions with logical, simple and universal answers. As a Balinese traditional healer, Jero Mangku Geni also understands the psychological side of humans, and often gives convenient, relevant solutions to his patients’ problems. He did not push the patient to always rely on ‘upakara’ or ritual on his healing process.

Jero Mangku Geni discovered a powerful Ganapati Meditation technique through intense meditation of seeking and communicating to his higher self. Through this method, he would like to use his mystical expertise to help others restore spiritual and mental balance. There are several therapies offered by BSH through Jero Mangku Geni; from energy cleansing, chakra awakening, to future and past life reading. All of these are done by a deep understanding of how energy works in the human body and the entire universe.

Ganapati Meditation consists of five main levels. Only by mastering the basic first method, practitioners would already be able to heal themselves physically. Jero Mangku Geni is the master of all five. This makes him spiritually susceptible to wide arrays of restorative energy therapies; from healing others, remote body energy mapping, experiencing the astral (out-of-body) projection, and having connections with both past and future times.

Not only physical, Jero Mangku Geni has also been known to heal many forms of emotional wound; from anxiety, extensive sadness, to depression. We work with utmost care and compassion to restore our beloved patients’ physical and emotional distress, by tapping directly to their spiritual root.

Jero Mangku Isteri


The faithful wife of Jero Mangku Geni who has been blessed with special talent in spiritual knowledge as well, Jero Mangku Istri Maha Gauri implements her sacred skill through delicious cooking. Her comfort food has become the staple dish for everyone who comes to seek healing with Jero Mangku Geni. She is the true embodiment of ‘Balinese hospitality’ who has been experiencing spiritual healing herself. Now, she decided to support her husband in his service; healing and helping more people to solve their spiritual problem.


Jero Mangku Samirana is a renowned Balinese Priest and Healer, with a legacy that spans over 60 years. Inheriting the mantle from his father, Jero Mangku has been serving the Balinese community as a spiritual guide, teacher, and healer. He is a rare gem in the world of Balinese Priesthood, as he is not only appointed to perform ceremonies but also possesses extensive knowledge of Balinese spirituality and energy.

With his expertise, Jero Mangku is known as the ‘know it all’ priest and is highly sought after by the community to predict the meaning of dreams, explain paranormal activities, and predict unusual events. He is also well-respected for his ability to heal and has helped many people get back to health on physical, spiritual, and energy levels.

Jero Mangku has a unique ability to heal problems caused by forbidden practices, such as Balinese Black Magic, and to show people the right way to practice this sacred knowledge for the purpose of helping others. He is a trusted teacher, and his teachings have helped many to understand the essence of energy in Balinese tradition and religion.

Join Jero Mangku Samirana at Bali Spiritual Healing Practitioner, where he will guide you on a journey to healing spiritually, physically, and on an energy level. Experience the wisdom, knowledge, and healing power of this revered Balinese Priest and Healer.

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