A Realistic Approach To Learn About Energy

Learn to explore the energy within your body, without the interference of the mind.

Beyond Mental Barriers

What is Ganapati Meditation?

Have you ever felt there’s more to explore than just sitting quietly trying to empty your mind, writing positive affirmations, doing your best, and taking care of yourself, yet you still feel stuck somewhere with your practice? Are you seeking a deeper connection, not just with yourself but with your truest form in energy? Sometimes, the conventional approaches might not offer the deep dive into this realm that you crave.

Many people find themselves trapped in surface-level techniques. But what if there was a method to delve beyond the physical, into the essence of who you are? What if there was a practice that not only connected you with your inner self but also guided you to master the energies within?

Guided directly by Jero Mangku Geni, you embark on an elemental voyage through five distinct levels of learning. Each stage is intricately designed to dive deeper into energy realization, manifestation, and power development.

Sacred elements class on Ganapati Healing Retreat

It’s more than just closing your eyes and hoping for inner peace. It’s about systematic exploration, guidance, and connection with the very core of your being. The depths you’ll reach, the insights you’ll gain, and the transformation you’ll experience are profound—extending beyond just mental calmness to a holistic enrichment of both your spiritual and physical existence.

Ganesha - The Hindu God of beginnings & obstacle remover

Ganapati Meditation embodies the supreme knowledge of energy manifestation from Lord Ganesha, the revered Hindu deity known as the remover of obstacles and bestower of wisdom. With his iconic elephant head symbolizing deep knowledge and the power to confront challenges, Ganesha’s profound attributes guide practitioners throughout their meditative journey. Engaging with this meditation allows individuals to harness Ganesha’s transformative energy, leading them toward breakthroughs in personal barriers and fostering genuine self-discovery and growth.

The Master

Master of Energy, Jero Mangku Geni

Jero Mangku Geni’s Ganapati Meditation, born from intense spiritual exploration, offers profound self-healing even at its foundational level. Mastering all its tiers, Jero Mangku harnesses unique therapies, from distant energy mapping to astral projection. His goal? Using his deep spiritual insight to heal emotional burdens and restore balance, all while treating individuals with genuine compassion.

Changes for the Better.

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Multiple Paths to Mastery

Choose Your Way to Learn Ganapati Meditation.


Experience the powerful energy and teachings of Ganapati Meditation first-hand with the guidance of the Master himself in the heart of Bali. Enhance your learning experience at our Bali temple.


Explore the depth of Ganapati Meditation from the comfort of your home. Connect with the Master and fellow practitioners from around the world in this virtual gathering and discover new horizons of self-healing.

On-demand Learning

Enjoy the flexibility to learn Ganapati Meditation at your own pace. Our comprehensive online course on YouTube allows you to access expert guidance from the Master whenever and wherever you choose


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And be a part of our mission to bring healing and spiritual growth to countless individuals seeking a deeper connection and meaningful experiences.

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