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Trusted by locals and more than 200 foreigners worldwide in Balinese Traditional Energy Reading & Energy Therapy, Chakra & Kundalini awakening, Past Life Karma cleansing, and leading sacred & specific ceremonies in Balinese Hindu tradition such as water purification, house and business blessings, Agni Hotra at private residences, and temple visits all around Bali.

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Bali Spiritual healing activities

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Bali Spiritual healing activities

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Bali Spiritual healing activities

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Bali Spiritual healing activities

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Bali Spiritual healing activities

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Bali Spiritual healing activities

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Bali Spiritual healing activities

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Jalan Raya Kapal, No. 84 Mengwi – Badung, Bali, Indonesia

Facilitated by Jero Mangku Geni, who is a Balinese priest that offers various traditional Balinese energy therapies, such as energy cleansing & balancing, chakra awakening, and future & past life reading by understanding how energy works in the human body and the universe. He can travel past time and distance to help people who need spiritual healing.

Born with exceptional talent, he had a lot of spiritual experiences throughout his life. Through intense meditations of seeking and communicating with his higher self, he found a powerful and sacred Ganapati Meditation through his spiritual insight that allows the practitioner to heal themselves by mastering the basic level only. Anyone who can master the 5 levels of Ganapati Meditation can heal others, experience the out-of-body event, and have connections with past and future times.

Together with Jero Mangku Geni, Bali Spiritual Healing offers a unique experience that is very close to the heart of the Balinese way of life. All of our services are the truest Bali tradition mixed with warm hospitality & activity that people enjoy the most during their holiday on the Island of a thousand temples. We are working with other Balinese families and communities in delivering sacred, rarely known, and warm services to you.

Authentic healing experience

There are plenty of priests, Ketuts, “life coaches” and other people with some imaginary “positions”, but there is just the only one truly authentic Mangku. We met by accident, and from the first moment it feels like we know each other forever. His wisdom, kindness and such a huge heart are limitless. My gratefulness has no end to the world for such a priceless meeting.It’s hard to describe what and how he is doing, you just need to come and meet him on your own.

– Irina Sidorina

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Bali Spiritual Healing Team

Jero Mangku - Bali Spiritual Healing

Head of Management Team

Jero Mangku Isteri

Head of Marketing

Ayas Bali Spiritual Healing

Head of Operational Team


Original testimonies from our clients

This is best experience I had in Bali. I was looking for a real traditional healer and this was exactly what I was looking for ! Jro Mangku Geni humbly welcomed me to his house with his adorable daughter and wife. The talk we had was really awakening to me. I still carry with me each day the teachings he gave me this day. I still go see the sunset everyday as he told me to. They were all so kind to me. I loved every second of this meet ! The healing felt like a death and rebirth at the same time. This trip has been painful to me but he gave me the strength to move forward and to the end. Life wouldn’t be beautiful if you couldn’t meet souls that can heal you as deeply as he did. Thank you so so so much, I still feel grateful for this moment today. 💗

Best Experience

— Alix Ourdouillier

I had the most amazing water purification and healing session with Mangku. It’s hard to put in words the feeling of warmth, kindness and acceptance you get from visiting him and his family. I will forever cherish the water purification ceremony and hope to visit Mangku soon again!Thank you🙏

Amazing Purification

— Anita Kuprijanovitš

Jro Mangku Geni is like a father to me and a lot of other people who come to him. His hear, energy and wisdom helps a lot to solve situations, to learn new things, to heal the wounds. Suksema dear Master 🤗🙌🏼❤❤❤

Unfergettable Experience

— Luckykirik

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